One Voice is a voluntary community group which was formed in 2009 and has continued to thrive working in partnership to make a difference in the communities of Immingham, Habrough and Stallingborough.

One Voice continues to support the community of Immingham Habrough and Stallingborough and continues to reflect on the most effective way to do this. When the group was formed in 2009 until 2019 it ran with a committee structure is built around what residents felt was needed to ensure the community as a whole was represented, Key partners sat on the committee with a number of representatives who have an area of focus within the community. However in 2019 the formal structure of a constituted group was dissolved and the group became a steering group for the Charity One Voice Immingham District who were gifted all the assets and agreed to continue the projects that were being done under the group. This decision was made following specialist advice and support which concluded that this was the most effective way for One Voice to continue their work. In 2023 we transferred to a CIO and are now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Our Role

Obtain and maintain a balanced, reflective and representative membership of the local community, by bringing together community members on a regular basis in order to address community issues of common concern.

Develop lines of communication, structures and relationships with residents; service providers and other community organisations to ensure that agreed actions are taken forward for the betterment of the local area.

To promote and contribute to the physical, social and economic regeneration of the community.

Our Aims

Reflect and represent the views of all community members, regardless of age, health sex, creed or religion, helping them to achieve the best possible quality of life.

Raise awareness and inform community members of social developments.

Work to raise and promote a positive profile of the area, reflecting and increasing the pride of those who live and work in the community.

Secure better value for money through smarter investment, simplified delivery chains and high quality partnerships Identify and support ways in which to improve and protect both the local natural and built environment.

Respond to new agendas and initiatives when necessary to reflect the short, medium and long term needs of the community.

To encourage projects, which will to improve and enrich the quality of life with the community.

As a community group  we are committed to working in partnership to support our community please find information about our most recent activity on .facebook.com/1VoiceCommunity